Dazzle the Galaxy and Earn Rewards in the “Blood and Circuses” Faction Event

The Terran Empire has launched a campaign to convince the Federation that their brutal ways are superior. Give the fractured galaxy of STAR TREK TIMELINES a strong leader in this new event which kicks off today, Thursday, May 12th at 12pm (ET) and runs through Monday, May 16th at 12pm (ET).

By completing new Terran Empire Faction Missions during the event period, you’ll earn increasingly valuable rewards like equipment, consumable items and, unique to Blood and Circuses, you may even gain Mirror Spock to join your crew!

Blood and Circuses also brings a brand new crew pack to the Time Portal featuring both Mirror Kirk and Mirror Uhura. Using any version of Kirk or Uhura will provide a skill bonus to any Terran Empire Faction Mission.   

Ready to play? Get Terran Empire transmissions from the Terran Empire Faction Center and let's get started!

More on Victory Points, Threshold Rewards and Ranked Rewards

With every Terran Empire Faction Mission you succeed at, you will earn event Victory Points (VP). Collect those Victory Points to unlock event Threshold Rewards, which you’ll collect as soon as you complete the mission. And the more VP you have, the faster you’ll climb the event leaderboards. 

Additionally, as participating Captains earn VP, their leaderboard positions will determine Ranked Rewards that you’ll receive at the conclusion of the event. Ranked Rewards can include characters, like Mirror Spock, pulls from the Time Portal, equipment, merits, and training programs. The higher your leaderboard rank, the better quantity and quality of these rewards you’ll receive.

Good luck, Captains!