Herald Phase Superlatives

We are happy to release the latest round of Superlatives for the next AvA Phase. The Herald Phase runs from 11 am EST on Friday, December 09, until 11 am EST on Tuesday, December 13 and we would like to wish all participants the best of luck.


A Bloody Battle: “The most wounds inflicted on opposing Sworn Swords in the North per participant.”

No Moot like a Kingsmoot: “The most Sabotage in Iron Islands per participant.”

Rich as a Lannister: “Most successful Swindle attacks per participant by an Alliance (with at least 5 participants) in the Westerlands.”

No Crown for the Beggar King: “Send the most bribes in the Crownlands per participant.”

He Knew Nothing: “The most spy attacks in the Stormlands.”

Den of Vipers: “Most Fight attacks in Dorne.”

War on all Fronts: “The most actions in The Reach per participant.”

A River Runs Red: “Most hurtful wins in the Riverlands (successful offensive actions such as Sabotage, Fight, Harass would count but not beneficial ones like Barter and Aid).”

The Knights of the Vale Ride Forth - “Most camp damage per participant in the Vale, by an Alliance with a minimum of 5 participants.”