November GoTA Update

The month of November is coming to a close and the snow is falling as the winter holidays are almost upon us.

November Updates and Changes

We mentioned in our October update that we had brought on some additional team members to help with Game of Thrones Ascent, and we’re excited to have been able to release some of their changes in game.

The first of these was the long-awaited return of the sale of permanent items. While this is currently on available on web clients, not all items are possible to sell at this time, but we are working to expand the list as time goes on.

We’ve also been able to make some progress on our ‘known issues’ list by fixing the bug where the “produce x” upgrades were not stacking with tactics which also increased production in the Smithy, Embassy and Market! Squashing the pesky bugs surrounding Alliance Message of the Day, and reincarnation while having an active alliance challenge means the ‘known issues’ list is getting ever shorter!

Last but certainly not least, this week’s build introduces some changes to the Train Sworn Sword menu, including a Train-All button, that will allow Players to more quickly and easily assign Talent Points to their Sworn Swords, as well as adding the Tale of the Three-Eyed Raven which will be running from this Friday, December 2nd at 11:00am EST through Tuesday, December 6th at 6:00pm EST!

On the content front, November also included the latest chapter of Volume Gathering Storm, as well as the Assassin Phase of AvA, and a running of the Tyrion in Exile Tale. The Assassin Phase included some changes to our regular AvA model, and we’ll have some information on how those changes impacted play in an upcoming post.


Looking Forward to December

We plan to continue to build on these changes with the first running of the Tale of the Three-Eyed Raven, as well as the Herald Phase of AvA. We’ll also make some more tweaks to improve AvA competitiveness, building on what we’ve tried in recent phases with more aggressive changes where necessary.

We’re also working on more fixes to the known issues list, as well as looking at more quality of life fixes. The nearest-term of those is a “replace all” option to help with casualty-intensive AvA phases.

On the mobile front, builds have clearly fallen behind our web clients, and we’re planning to have a new iOS build ready by the end of the year that won’t necessarily bring them to parity, but should provide some significant improvements, including the availability of Volume Gathering Storm content, Train All functions, and some stability fixes for the latest devices. Updating Android is next on the list after that.

Through the holidays, we’ll be running some specials for your adventures and stockpiles to help make it easier to find and build rare crafting items.

For the immediate future, as mentioned above, this weekend will see the initial running of the first of our two new Tales: The Three-Eyed Raven. This Tale will be running from December 2nd through the 6th and we wish all members of the community the best of luck as they explore the new storyline.


To close out the post, here’s a bit of a guide to the new “Train All” feature:


How it works:

-The new interface replaces the old point assignment interface. The new functionality allows Players to assign multiple unallocated points across different sub-stats for a selected Sworn Sword and/or assign all available Talent Points to any sub-stat (e.g., Fight, spy).



“Unallocated Points” – Displays how many talent points currently are available for allocation to the Sworn Sword’s stats. This amount updates as you add or remove points from each stat. You do not need to allocate all points in a single training.


"-" – Use this button to remove talent points you have allocated to the stat.


"+" – Use this button to allocate talent points to the stat.


"All" – This button adds all remaining unallocated talent points to the stat. If talent points have already been added to other stats, those allocations will not be affected.


“Clear Selections” – Use this button to reset all allocated talent points. Points are returned to the Unallocated Points pool.


“Train Talents” – Use this button to distribute (i.e., submit and assign) the talent points you have allocated. Pressing this button finalizes your allocations. If you have used some but not all of your talent points before pressing “Train Talents”, you may continue to distribute your remaining points. Once all talent points have been trained the Train Rank window will close automatically.


Please note:

-Power will change by an amount appropriate to the total number of Talent Points assigned.

-Specialization remains a separate but connected interface (i.e., Player is automatically taken from specialty picking to point allocation; no additional clicks needed.)