Assassin Phase Superlatives and Changes

The Assassin Phase of AvA will begin Friday November 18th at 11:00 am EST and will be running until 11:00 am EST on Tuesday, November 22nd. We are proud to announce the changes for this Phase.


Assassin Rewards

Continuing an initiative begun in the Specter phase, for the Assassin Phase we have selected two regions that will feature rewards that are higher than those in previous phases. These two regions will be Dorne and The Reach. By doing this, we aim to encourage a region-by-region strategy and increase overall AvA competitiveness.  As well, we feel this reflects the Game of Thrones reality that not all regions always provide the same level of reward.

We expect some Alliances will adjust their game strategy specifically to pursue these higher rewards, while others will avoid these regions in order in favor ones where they expect to be more competitive.

In any case, we will watch for regional strategies and differences throughout the Assassin Phase and report back to you once the phase is concluded.


We are also excited to announce the Superlatives for this phase:

A Bloody Battle - Most wounds inflicted on opposing Sworn Swords in the North.

Acceptable Losses - Most SS lost per participant in the Iron Islands, minimum 5 participants.

There’s Always Gold in Casterly Rock - Most silver spent in the Westerlands.

It’s Good to be King - Most VP earned from camps in the Crownlands.

Stormwall - Most successful defenses by Sworn Swords in the Stormlands.

Has Anyone Heard from Dorne? - Most successful Spy attacks in Dorne.

A Many-Linked Chain: Alliance with the most successful actions of their lowest-success action type in the Reach (ie, we’ll look at which action your alliance had the fewest successes with, and score you based on that).

Defenseless Farmers - Highest % of attacks that are not defended by Sworn Swords in the Riverlands, minimum 5,000 attacks.

The Knights of the Vale Ride Forth - Most camp damage per participant in the Vale, minimum 5 participants.