GoTA Update: October

We’ve made it to fall, friends, and winter is coming!

In my last post in early September, I reiterated that we really do want to continue providing support for the game, and we’re committed to continuing events and content drops for the foreseeable future. We also want to deliver more meaningful code changes, including bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and additional mobile builds. While I hoped that the addition of the new quest volume would be the first of a series of changes, that plan obviously hasn’t moved along as quickly as we’d wanted.

One of the ways that we’ve tried to balance our need as a company to invest in new projects with our desire to keep supporting GoTA was to bring on some dedicated external resources to help maintain and improve the game. I expected that onboarding process to be a bit bumpy here and there, but hoped to be able to maintain a reasonable series of improvements and fixes going out on top of our ongoing content cadence.

While it seemed like we were finally getting on track in the beginning of September, we weren’t able to keep that pace up, and I made the decision to cut our ties with the external engineers we’d been working with. We’ve brought a new team on board who will be bringing more resources to bear, and who I believe will be able to deliver more consistently. They’ve been coming up to speed much more rapidly, and I’m optimistic you’ll be seeing their work in the game sooner rather than later.

As discussed before, the focus is going to remain on keeping a solid schedule of content coming out, including both events and quests, mixed with minor improvements and bug fixes as the engineering team ramps up. I’m also personally committing to providing monthly updates on what we’re working on and what our progress is looking like.

At the end of the day, we want to continue to support the game we all love in a way that works for you as players and Disruptor Beam as a business. Remember, this was the game that put Disruptor Beam on the map, and while it is an aging game, it is near and dear to our hearts as well. I appreciate your patience as we work towards that goal, and I look forward to receiving your merciless onslaughts in AvA!