New Expedition Event: Holograms Are Forever



The temporal anomaly crisis has once again created an unforeseen event in history with potentially dire consequences. Hologram Hippocrates Noah, an archvillain archetype created for Holodeck recreation, has taken command of Britain’s 1960s Intelligence Agency MI6. This is a volatile time for Earth with nuclear-armed powers always on the brink of catastrophe - one wrong move, and the whole world’s history could be erased. We received the following transmission from Noah:



Hello, Starfleet!

Oh, you thought you were going to reach MI6? Well, you have - it’s just that I’ve installed a new director- me, Hippocrates Noah! You see, there comes a time when a house has been so damaged by termites that you must not only kill the termites but demolish the house and start again.

In this instance, the house is mine, and the termite is your agent Julian Bashir. While my home is under renovation, I thought it would be appropriate to take up residence here in MI6, and exterminate that termite Bashir once and for all.

Of course, I’m sure you’ve a mind to stop me-termites are hive animals, after all, mindless drones incapable of functioning on a higher level.  You can try, but the path will be hard, and your efforts will be futile. I look forward to watching you...die.


Hippocrates Noah

Director, MI6


Captains, you know what to do - Hippocrates Noah must be stopped at all costs. And one more thing, Captain - Quartermaster Division asks that you do try to return your ship in serviceable condition this time, won’t you?  


Event Details:

Begin Date: Thursday, October 6 at Noon ET (1600 UTC)

Event Crew

  • Waitress Ezri

  • Jazz Musician Odo

  • Bashir, Julian Bashir

Event Rewards

  • Top Threshold Reward : Waitress Ezri
  • Top Ranked Reward: Jazz Musician Odo

Event Skills and Traits

Jazz Musician Odo
Rarity: Legendary
Skills: DIP 1092 (195-389), SEC 748 (185-597)
Traits: Changeling, Bajoran, Constable, Costumed, Romantic, Musician

Waitress Ezri
Rarity: Super Rare
Skills: DIP 648 (193-390), MED 447 (162-497), SEC 286 (47-135)
Traits: Trill, Costumed, Undercover Operative, Counselor, Resourceful