Specter Superlatives

Greetings Bannermen!

We have some fun Halloween themed Superlatives for you this phase. Written and suggested by one of our beloved forum Gold Cloaks, Freya. The “Specter” AvA phase runs from 11am EDT on Friday, October 28, until 11 am EDT on Tuesday, November 1. We hope you have fun and get more treats than tricks this phase!


Winter is Coming, and Baby it's Cold Outside: “Keep the wildfire burning with most sabotage actions in the North per participant.”

Salt Wives or Rough Seas?: “Neither one will forgive the most swindles in Iron Islands per participant.”

Hi Ho, Hi Ho: “Maybe Tyrion can find gold in those depleted mines? Send the most harass per Alliance in the Westerlands and get those dwarves to work!”

No Crown for the Beggar King: “Show Viserys how to win friends (and influence people) by sending the most bribes in the Crownlands per participant.”

He Knew Nothing: “A little bird could have told Robert what Cersei was up to - send the most spies in the Stormlands per Alliance.”

They're not Bad, They're Just Drawn that Way: “Counter the Sand Snakes venom by sending the most aid in Dorne per Alliance.”

A Thorn in His Side: “Oleanna's tongue was as sharp as any blade; send the most fight in The Reach per Alliance.”

Do you Want Freys with That?: “Try not to get caught sending the most steal actions in the Riverlands per participant.”

Like Money thru the Moon Door: “Throw as many barters as you can in The Vale per participant.”