Results from the Solstice Phase


With the conclusion of the Solstice Phase phase, the last of the leaves are falling from the trees and we are happy to announce the winners of the latest AvA competition.




Regional Champions of the Solstice Phase:

First in the North - Dead Rabbits

First in the Westerlands - Dead Rabbits

First in the Crownlands - Shagga Likes Axes

First in the Iron Islands - Kong’s Landing

First in the Stormlands - Exiles and Outlaws

First in the Reach - Shagga Likes Axes

First in the Riverlands - Shagga Likes Axes

First in Dorne - Kong’s Landing

First in The Vale - House of the Black Goat

Superlative Winners:

As a reminder, the First-place Alliance in a region is not eligible for that region’s superlative, though they have the opportunity to win superlatives in other regions as well as the Domination superlative. The winner of the Domination superlative is ineligible to win other Superlatives.


Domination: "Highest Total VP earned by an Alliance across all regions."

First Place: Kong's Landing

Second Place: Shagga Likes Axes

Third Place: Ghosts of Wynterfell


Flay Them All: "Alliance that kills the most opposing Sworn Swords in the North."

Red September lived up to their name and left a bloody trail across the North with over 3 times the kills of the second place alliance, securing their win for this Superlative.


Bleed Them Slowly: "Alliance with the highest total camp damage inflicted to opposing camps using Harass attacks in the Iron Islands."

Fury Unchained channeled their fury into harassing other alliances in the Iron Islands, earning the Bleed them Slowly Superlative this phase.


The Power of Gold: “Alliance with the most VP gained from camps in the Westerlands.”

It was a close race on this one but The Bannermen gained the most VP from camps in the Westerlands to win The Power of Gold.


Explosion: “Alliance with the most total camp damage (to opposing camps) per participant in the Crownlands, minimum 5 participants.”

Exiles and Outlaws proved that they are a force to be reckoned with, dealing the most camp damage per participant in the crownlands and earning the Explosion Superlative.


Okay We're Giving it Back Now: “Alliance that gives away (using any action) the most silver per participant in the Stormlands (as measured by summing any positive silver changes to opponent’s camps from your actions), minimum 5 participants.”

The Broken Tower proved to be a powerful ally, earning other alliances the most silver per participant in the Stormlands this phase, and for their actions they are the winners of this Superlative. We are sure that they will be receiving many diplomatic requests in the future.


A Wall of Corpses: "Alliance that loses the most sword swords per participant in Dorne, as measured by receiving the most attacks that end with the defending sworn sword dying (really dying; instant revival doesn't count). Minimum 5 participants."

Fire and Blood' paid a heavy price to achieve their standing in Dorne and also earned the Superlative: Wall of Corpses in the process.


A Many-Linked Chain: "Alliance with the most successful actions of their lowest-success action type in the Reach (ie, we’ll look at which action your alliance had the fewest successes with, and score you based on that)."

The Winds of Winter blew evenly across the Reach, managing to use their actions most evenly across all 9 action types.


Ravaging the Riverlands: "Alliance with the most successful harmful actions (fight, harass, sabotage, steal, swindle, or bribe) per participant in The Riverlands, minimum 5 participants."

House of the Black Goat truly knows how to hurt those that stand against them and for their efforts, they are bringing home the Ravaging the Riverlands Superlative.


Above the Fray: “Most VP earned by an Alliance with no offensive (fight, harass, sabotage, steal, swindle, or bribe) actions in the Vale.”

Like the Raven they were likely named for, Never'More, definitely flew above the fray during this phase. They earned the most VP without fighting, harassing, sabotaging, stealing, swindle, or bribery!