Stories are a part of what it is to be human: they entertain us, inspire us, and move us.

Every once in a while, a really great story is embraced by our culture at large — becoming a “place” around which people live part of their lives. Star Trek™ and Game of Thrones® are two examples of this. These are settings that charge the imagination and have connected millions of passionate, dedicated fans into communities that span cultures, time zones and technologies.

Disruptor Beam aims to satisfy the human desire for connection and meaning through the power of shared stories.

We are revolutionizing storytelling for our deeply connected world

Our investors

Disruptor Beam, located just outside Boston, MA, is backed by leading technology and game industry investors including Google Ventures, Romulus Capital, Grandbanks Capital and Converge Venture Partners.

Our partners

We partner with some of the most successful media companies in the world—including HBO, Skybound, and CBS—to bring iconic universes to life in games that are as engaging as the shows, movies or books upon which they are based.

Board of Directors

Our services

The DISRUPTOR family of services includes the following:


Disruptor Beam puts the world’s greatest entertainment franchises into every fan’s pocket.

The Boston-area company builds story-rich mobile games that connect players around popular franchises including Game of Thrones, Star Trek and The Walking Dead.

Disruptor Beam released GAME OF THRONES ASCENT, in 2013, followed by the widely popular STAR TREK TIMELINES in January 2016. THE WALKING DEAD: MARCH TO WAR will follow in 2017.

Disruptor Beam was founded by game industry veteran and entrepreneur Jon Radoff, and is backed by GrandBanks Capital, Google Ventures, Romulus Capital, and Converge Venture Partners.



Disruptor Beam has built an abundance of institutional knowledge around the development and live operations of F2P games. This knowledge is captured in Disruptor Engine, a set of technologies and best practices that deliver high value and high velocity in an increasingly demanding and evolving F2P marketplace.

Disruptor Engine provides a set of reliable services so small teams can focus on a game’s differentiating factors and decrease time to market.


We love bringing people together in our games, so anytime there's an opportunity to meet our players — and have them meet each other — we are eager to do so. We call these events Disruptor Cons!

DisruptorCon events since 2016 have included annual beer-and-pretzel-fueled get-togethers at Harpoon Brewery during PAX East in Boston; a sophisticated rooftop gathering in Midtown Manhattan during Star Trek: Mission New York, where players got to meet John de Lancie (Q from ST:TNG); and a pub outing coinciding with Europe's biggest Star Trek convention, Destination: Star Trek, in Birmingham, UK. 

Stay tuned to our blog for announcements about the next DisruptorCon, coming to a city near you! 


We love talking about our games, and we love talking to our players. With the Disruptor Stream, we get to do both! 

Disruptor Stream is a live streaming video program that lets you, the players, interact with members of the Disruptor Beam team, asking questions about games that are in development as well as ones already released.

We started broadcasting on Twitch back in January 2016 with the launch of STAR TREK TIMELINES, and are currently working on moving our regular streaming content to Facebook Live, where we expect to find even more of our fans.

Check out the YouTube playlist below for a taste of Disruptor Stream 1.0, and look for a relaunched version soon!