Pete Arden

Chief Marketing Officer

Pete is an experienced entertainment marketer who brings many years of MMO expertise to Disruptor Beam and its portfolio of games. A dedicated tabletop RPG player, he prefers to multi-class whenever possible.

Angela Bull


Angela co-founded Disruptor Beam and continues to guide its development by managing an efficient, talented network of global artists. She is known for co-creating one of the first commercial MUDs (Legends of Future Past) and one of the world's first blogging engines (Eprise).

Dave Cham

VP Engineering

Dave architects and codes for client and server, helping to coordinate development work on all our games. He's worked on everything from Medal of Honor to Boom Blox. When he's not putting out fires, Dave draws, plays drums and guitar, and keeps trying to conquer the piano.

Matt Fuller

VP Finance

Matt manages our Iron Bank like a Ferengi. Not one bar of gold-pressed latinum goes out without his approval. A Fuller always pays his debts.

Hank Howie

COO & VP Business Development

Hank hustles to license the latest IPs, works with our current and future partners, manages various aspects of our business as we grow, and ensures the fridges have adequate supplies of beer and wine.

Joey Lapegna

Creative Director

Joey leads the design and strategic direction of our games. When he has extra time, he's nerding out on psychology, coding new game ideas, or apologizing for his polite Canadian accent.

Jon Radoff

Chief Executive Officer

Before founding Disruptor Beam, Jon built one of the first commercial games on the Internet, took a web content management company public, and grew a game advertising network to ten million people. He continues to disrupt the mobile game publishing industry through creative thinking and rapid iteration.

Andy Rappaport

Chief Data Officer

Andy joined the Disruptor Beam team in 2016 as Chief Data Officer. In this role, Andy digs deep into player behavior and other data, helping to ensure our games keep players coming back for more fun.

Jennifer Ramcharan

VP of People Operations

Jenn Ramcharan leads the People Operations team. She is responsible for overseeing human resources, talent management and recruiting, as well as supporting Disruptor Beam’s culture and overall employee experience.

The Team


Marketing Art Director

Adam has the task of making sure our business cards, t-shirts, and convention booths look as awesome as our games. In no particular order, Adam would most love: self-driving cars, repairing old pinball machines, or playing Mega Man 2.


Full Stack Mobile Engineer

Adam works on both the backend and frontend code for Game of Thrones Ascent, making sure the two work smoothly and cooperate with each other. Outside work, he trains in various martial arts and enjoys the occasional D&D campaign.


Product Manager

Alex, aka Nod, is deeply committed to supporting both new and veteran players, drawing on his experience in half a dozen massively multiplayer games. He is an avid video game collector, bicyclist, and outdoors enthusiast.


Principal Software Engineer

Alex codes whatever is needed to help bring Star Trek Timelines to life on the screen, specializing in tools that make developers' lives easier. He cooks, juggles, runs, tumbles, and collects other hobbies.


Senior Software Engineer

Ali is part of the old guard who helped develop Game of Thrones Ascent from inception to launch. In his second act, he builds next generation platform systems for all of Disruptor Beam's games, and enjoys a good brunch.


Art Director

Allen defines the visual direction for all of Disruptor Beam's products, striving to push the envelope for mobile and tablet gaming. He has an extensive background in theatre carpentry, so he's also handy around the house.


Executive Assistant

As executive assistant to the CEO, Amy is like Jon's own personal ninja, ensuring he has everything he needs to run Disruptor Beam before he even knows he needs it. After a weekend spent chasing her son and his friends on outdoor adventures or cheering them on at sporting events, assisting our rowdy office of game developers during the week is a piece of cake.


Player Support Representative

Andrea, called Andrea both in RL and on the forums, helps our players get the most out of their gaming experience. In between support tickets, she can be found writing about games on the internet or hitting people with foam swords.


Player Experience Specialist

Anne, aka Shan, helps our support and community teams by listening to and learning from our players on social media and our forums. She is Belgium-born and a native French speaker who enjoys crafting and herding cats.



Ben tackles the wordsmithing for the Marketing department, creating blog posts, video scripts, social media posts, and anything else that might need a narrative touch. When not at work, he dads and he writes, mostly about dadding.


Principal QA Tester

Brian is part of the QA team, deftly pivoting between Game of Thrones Ascent and Star Trek Timelines as needed. He can be counted on to find bugs and periodically dispel myths about the random number generator.


Market Research Analyst

Chen tackles countless bugs in Game of Thrones Ascent across all platforms, ensuring that the game is responsive and engaging. When he's not improving Westeros, he enjoys bowling and following Apple products.


Senior UI/UX Designer

Colleen focuses on making UI so immersive, you forget it's even there. She is a talented digital artist capable of everything from asset creation to interactive screens and effects. In all elections, she votes for Cthulhu.


QA Tester

Dave is a member of the QA team of bug hunters at Disruptor Beam. He enjoys volunteering in his community, creating art, and going on local adventures!


Senior Systems Engineer

Dave orchestrates, builds and maintains our technical infrastructure while continously researching new ways to further enhance our games and services. He is a skilled tennis player who not only excelled at the collegiate level but continues to play in tournaments.


Cinematic Artist

David collaborates with multiple departments to create exciting videos and other media that gets you energized for what's coming next! Outside the office, he enjoys camping, going to the beach, and camping *on* the beach, which he has done everywhere from Padre Island to Elephant Butte Lake.


Business Intelligence Analyst

Ehsan designs intelligent algorithms using math, statistics and machine learning to help us understand how people are enjoying our games. His favorite metric to track is how players express their feelings about game features in chat.


Director of Marketing and Communications

Elicia has worked in games PR and marketing for over a decade. She helps keep the entire marketing team on task, while spreading word of our awesomeness via events, media relations, and more.


Director of Player Experience

Glen, aka Nights Watch Brother, leads our support and community teams for all products, and works hard to ensure the player experience is a great one. He's known by his team as "The Wombat," because he is adorable and from Australia.


Performance Marketing Manager

James uses creative strategies to bring new players into our games and communities. The best part of his job is that he gets to spend most of his time at work on Facebook.


UX Designer

Jared crafts deceptively simple, intuitive UI for Star Trek Timelines, bringing his experience in ecommerce to bear wherever relevant. After a decade working on Lord of the Rings Online, he knows more about mithril than any man should.


Lead Technical Designer

Jason codes the client architecture and graphics shaders for Star Trek Timelines. He often serenades the office on his guitar, drawing on past projects Guitar Hero and Rock Band.


Lead Narrative Designer

Jessica is Disruptor Beam's resident wordsmith, responsible for creating exciting and immersive content for all of our products. She is a foodie who can't cook and a fashionista who wears t-shirts.


Interactive Designer

As Interactive Designer, Joe helps the Marketing team create both physical and virtual experiences that promote our games. He's always up for a game of disc golf, a hike through the woods, or a relaxing evening at home with his dogs.



Kristen ensures the Game of Thrones Ascent team has everything they need to work efficiently, and communicates with all of our licensors to keep us in sync. She bakes delicious cakes and loves to color.


Financial Consultant

Lucy tries to predict how much money we will make, where it will come from, and what we need to spend it on to keep our games amazing and our company growing. She enjoys traveling, by sailboat whenever possible.


3D Artist

Marc is a veteran 3D game artist who worked on both The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 before joining Disruptor Beam. His favorite thing he has created for Star Trek Timelines is Cold Station 12 in the N'Vak system.



From the most gruesome sword blow scene to the cutest vector icon, Catalan illustrator Maria puts her illustration and design skills at the service of Disruptor Beam whenever it's needed.


Principal Software Engineer

Matt has beamed from enterprise software onto the Enterprise itself, helping to code the universe of Star Trek Timelines. Unlike everyone else, he genuinely enjoys long walks on the beach, especially when accompanied by his wife and dog.


Chief Technical Officer

Max brings some structure to the chaos that is game development, ensuring that our systems scale and our players have a consistent and fun experience. He enjoys spending time with his kids, golfing, and woodworking, though he never seems to find time for the woodworking anymore.


Senior Game Designer

Michael is busy prototyping for future projects, drawing on his prior experience designing new systems and features for Game of Thrones Ascent. He enjoys playing softball and is in possession of nine replica weapons from the Lord of the Rings films.


Game Designer

Michael brings a near-decade of experience to balancing missions and crafting cool experiences for Star Trek Timelines. When he's not designing games, he's redesigning bonsai... at least, when the bonsai chooses him.


Concept Artist

Mike enjoys the daily challenge of producing art, from concept to completion, for all aspects of Game of Thrones Ascent and Star Trek Timelines. He has a background in commercial Illustration for advertising, publishing and sports marketing clients.


Senior QA Tester

Nicole has been chasing bugs since 2010 to ensure our players have the best possible experience. When she's not knitting, she's traveling, usually to an aquarium because fish are awesome.


Lead Software Engineer

Paul fiddles with the innards of Star Trek Timelines, adding, changing, and removing bits as needed while striving to make each build better than the last. He is a master mixologist.


Lead Software Engineer

Paul has coded many of your favorite or soon-to-be-favorite features in Star Trek Timelines. He has obsessed over translating tabletop game experiences to digital formats ever since cutting his teeth on the first online trading card game, Chron X. Next time you're at a convention, join one of his D&D games!


Associate Producer

Rachel ensures the Star Trek Timelines team can work efficiently. Her specialities include managing art assets, coordinating localization, and spreading sparkly rainbow sunshine over the team.


Executive Producer

Rich plays Game Dev RTS: balancing the team, keeping them focused, and getting them everything they need to make great games. You might recognize him from On the Spot, one of the many shows he produced during his tenure at GameSpot.


Business Analytics Manager

When he's not breaking things in GoTA, Rob updates financial models and turns player and company data into meaningful and actionable items. He enjoys spending time with his family, gaming, drawing, and running. He may also be the biggest Star Wars nerd in the galaxy...


Lead Product Manager

Rob uses his experience making and managing mobile games to help us balance qualitative player feedback with data-based analysis, all with the goal of giving our players the best possible experience. He's also a firm believer in better living through spreadsheets.


Senior Software Engineer

From startups to media giants, from AAA video games to social networks, Russell is a software engineering and gaming veteran who loves to make interactive products from the ground up. He went shark diving in the Bahamas and lived to tell the tale!


Player Support Representative

Ryan, aka Wesley Crushin It, has been in tech support for many years and is excited to finally join the video game industry. When he's not helping players, he's either playing games himself, drawing, or going out with friends.


Player Support Representative

Sean, aka Ruadhan, works with Star Trek Timelines players to answer their questions about the game or help them search for a misplaced coin. In his free time, he is active in several LARPs, among them Fables of Fenorra and Occam's Razor.


Player Support Representative

Yannic is Disruptor Beam's first UK-based employee, supporting the localized versions of Star Trek Timelines from across the pond. An avid anime and Star Trek fan, dressing 'appropriately' for his role is no issue.


Senior Software Engineer

Zach takes the vision of the Star Trek Timelines design team and uses his engineering superpowers to make it a reality. He spends most of his time reading or playing games, though every now and then he'll reenact a space battle using paper clips.