Game of Thrones Ascent Now Available on iPhone® and Android

Disruptor Beam expands popular social game for Game of Thrones® fans worldwide via the Apple App and Google Play Stores

July 17, 2014 (Framingham, MA) – Disruptor Beam, the company that brings together fan communities and games, in partnership with HBO Global Licensing and Kongregate, has today announced that Game of Thrones Ascent is now available on Apple iPhone and Android devices! First released online in 2013, followed by iPad in April 2014, Game of Thrones Ascent is the first social game based on the award-winning HBO® show and literary works of George R.R. Martin. Fans can now remain immersed in the world of Westeros even beyond the end of Season 4 of the show on their mobile phones. Download the game in the App Store, as well as in the Google Play store, starting today.

With Game of Thrones Ascent, fans can immerse themselves beyond the books and show, living the life of a noble in Westeros, working with (or against) each other in a persistent, authentic game world. Taking part in thousands of story-driven quests, players delve deeply into the lore and develop their own lands and reputation among the Great Houses. Players explore an expansive world filled with deep political and social play involving diplomatic agreements, pacts, marriages, and betrothals. Through Alliance challenges, players work with hundreds of others to accomplish great tasks and rise to the top of the Power Rankings.

“While we have more than 4 million players across the existing web and iPad versions of Game of Thrones Ascent, we know there are still many people who prefer to play games on their iPhone or Android phones and tablets,” said Jon Radoff, CEO and Founder of Disruptor Beam. “We’re thrilled to now extend the game to an even wider audience!  We’ve re-designed the user interface so that players can now enjoy the same great gameplay that they’ve seen online, but on these new devices.”  
“Even though Season 4 is over, the backstabbing and betrothals do not need to end!” said Rich Gallup, Executive Producer for Game of Thrones Ascent. “As the long wait for Season 5 begins, you can play through Seasons 1 through 4 in Game of Thrones Ascent. In fact, tens of thousands of people have already followed Daenerys to Yunkai and given counsel at Tyrion’s Trial -- and that is just the beginning! We’ll be adding tons of exciting new content in the coming months including thousands of original quests, new items, updated features and more.”

Disruptor Beam updates Game of Thrones Ascent on a weekly basis, which will continue throughout 2014 and will include:

    •    Alliance-vs-Alliance (AvA) World Events: Alliance members will now do more than just compete for fame and fortune! Earn special rewards for your Alliance in a new World Events system where every player can help bring victory to their friends. In the new system, all Alliances will get a chance to complete Boss Challenges tied to AvA phases that run for several weeks at a time, culminating in game-wide events that involve all players! The AvA system, which sparks fierce competition among players, will continue to see expansions throughout the remainder of this year.

    •    Crafting System Updates: In the coming weeks, Disruptor Beam will vastly expand the breadth of in-game item production, a key component to players’ advancement. These new updates will bring better chances to players for crafting powerful items, like dragon eggs! In addition, a new item evolution system will help players actually grow and advance their existing items. For the lucky few who have hatched a dragon egg, they will soon be able to see another cycle of life for their dragon!

    •    Original Storyline & Quests Expansion: New, original storylines have been and will continue to be introduced to players after the end of Season 4 of the show, along with new items, boss fights and more.


Game of Thrones Ascent is a social game that unites both story and strategy. It was honored by Facebook as a “Staff Favorite” in their 2013 Games of the Year roundup. Players claim their birthright by choosing which of the Great Houses they’ll swear allegiance to, select their lineage, secure their holdings, develop their lands and reputation, and assign sworn swords to quests -- while forging alliances with new friends and much more. Game of Thrones Ascent allows players the opportunity to make moral decisions that not only impact other players, but the storyline as well. Key features include:

    •    Become the most powerful noble in Westeros! Choose your path to success through Battle, Intrigue or Trade. Watch your Power rank increase as you take actions in game.
    •    Become a bannerman to one of the Great Houses! Choose your loyalties among Stark, Lannister, Baratheon, Greyjoy, Targaryen, Tyrell, Martell or Tully.  
    •    Rule your own noble house! Upgrade your holdings over time. Build your keep, your lands and your army of fighters, merchants and spies.
    •    Customize your character. Select your lineage and alignment. Create your own family’s banner.
    •    Build and acquire resources.  Send your Sworn Swords on quests and adventures, involving your house in familiar events across Westeros while gaining wealth and Power.
    •    Work with (and sometimes against) your friends. Take part in interactive player-vs-player action, overcoming major challenges and adversaries.
    •    Form in-game alliances with fellow fans! Create your own community within the game to discuss the TV series, game and more. Take part in Alliance vs. Alliance battles and wars with your friends.
    •    Play alongside the TV series! With each new TV episode of Game of Thrones, new quests, in-game items and more are added to the game, allowing you to live out the storyline in-game.

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