DISRUPTOR ENGINE™ provides a full sandbox UI and set of reliable services so small teams can focus on a game’s differentiating factors and decrease time to market.

Disruptor Beam has built an abundance of institutional knowledge around the development and live operations of F2P games. This knowledge is captured in DISRUPTOR ENGINE, a set of UI tools, services, and best practices that deliver high value and high velocity in an increasingly demanding and evolving F2P marketplace.

The most efficient way to build, operate, and monetize your mobile game

Sample game, ready-to-go UI, and all the tools you’ll need

DISRUPTOR ENGINE comes with three components that decrease time to market for your game, and provide immediate access to the best practices on game operations and monetization.

Unity SDK

A complete sandbox for prototyping game development on top of the DISRUPTOR ENGINE Platform Services. The SDK contains a collection of components patterned from successful free-to-play mobile game systems. You can think of it as a “sample game” that exercises all of the common systems with ready-to-go UI. Unity SDK does all the hard meta-game work so your creative team can focus on innovation in the core game loop.

Platform Services

A collection of APIs for managing and enabling:

  • Identity - Authentication, Account management, session management, 3rd party integrations

  • Social - Friend graphs, groups/guilds, leaderboards, chat, profanity filtering

  • Data - Analytics, A/B trials, stats, player history, Amazon Athena/Tableau ETL

  • Commerce - IAPs, Offers (timed, recurring, popup, featured), store management

  • Operations - Game config, event management, notifications, in-app messaging, push notifications, in-game mail, content management.

Admin Portal

A centralized web tool provides a variety of functionality, ranging from scheduling events, initiating message campaigns, and looking up player information.

We are looking for mobile game developers bringing new games to market that would like to join our ecosystem.

If you are a game company and are interested in using an alpha version of DISRUPTOR ENGINE, please apply now! A member of our team will reach out within 48 hours.

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