Owned by Disruptor Beam, Thorium™ is our backend analytics and user tracking engine used for our games. Thorium™ focuses on key analytics pieces for our games:

The ability to quickly and easily set up automatic and one-off messaging campaigns.

The ability to monitor and deliver analytics in real-time on player activity, level, age, and revenue.

Full integration with existing analytics software (Tableau) and backend database software (MYSQL).

Using Thorium™, Disruptor Beam has a unique platform  for the monitoring and tweaking of the existing game. Combined with our internal knowledge and skills, we have used Thorium™ to build a robust platform for the future development of Game of Thrones Ascent - and beyond. 

Thorium™ is not currently available for license outside of Disruptor Beam.


Thorium™ Analytics

Thorium™ Messaging